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Guidewire Integration Fundamentals Course Overview

Guidewire Integration Fundamentals training program offers hands-on exposure to Integrating different Guidewire applications along with their integration with some third part applications. This training program focuses on Web Services, Messaging, Plugins, Batch Processes, REST and SOAP APIs, and central integration database / flat file-based integration examples. Training programs is designed to address some of the pressing concerns of real-time integrations and focus on the challenges while integrating applications. You will be learning while implementing the integrations examples between applications and learning the nuances involved in the overall project execution.


Guidewire Integration Fundamentals Key Features

100% Money Back Guarantee
No questions asked refund*
At Fiesttech, we value the trust of our patrons immensely. But, if you feel that this Guidewire Integration Fundamentals does not meet your expectations, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Just send us a refund request via email within 7 days of purchase and we will refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked!
  • Intro to GOSU Programming
  • Web Services - SOAP & REST APIs
  • Batch Processes Implementations
  • Configuring Guidewire Plugins 
  • Gosu Queries and Gosu bundles
  • Integration DB / Flat-File Integrations
  • Messaging and Authentication
  • Guidewire Cloud APIs


Skills Covered

  • Inbound Integrations
  • Outbound Integrations
  • Writing Gosu Queries
  • Database transactions
  • Bundles Implementations
  • GOSU Queries
  • Implementing Restrictions
  • Batch Processes Scheduling
  • Messaging Implementation
  • Plugins Configuration
  • Setting up Plugins
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Guidewire® Integration Fundamentals training assist many insurance companies and IT consulting firms use Guidewire software for policy administration, claims management, and billing. Having Guidewire integration skills can open up job opportunities in these organizations. Certification or training in Guidewire Integration Fundamentals can set you apart from other job applicants. Specialized skills often command higher salaries.

Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Annual Salary
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Training Options

Explore all of our training options and pick your suitable ones to enroll and start learning with us! We ensure that you will never regret it!

Self-Paced Learning
  • Access to 10 + hours of  Integration Recordings
  • Guidewire Integration Students Work Book
  • Gosu Bundles, Data base Integrations
  • Policy Claims and Billing Center Integration
  • Guidewire Web Services SOAP/REST Impl
  • Real time Integration Business Use Cases
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support
Instructor-led Learning
  • Everything in Self-Paced Learning, plus
  • 30 days of Virtual Machine Access 
  • Live Sessions with Instructor
  • Daily training session on Integration
  • Interview prep with real time use cases
  • One to one mentorship 

Classes starting from:-

 29th July 2024:Weekday Class

03rd  Aug 2024:Weekend Class

Job Guarantee Training Program
Customized to your needs
  • Customized training - for Your Team
  • Flexible pricing options, need basis
  • Additional topics, per requirement
  • Infrastructure support for your Team
  • Enterprise Learning Management System
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Guidewire Integration Fundamentals Course Curriculum


Guidewire Integration Fundamentals training, you may need to meet certain prerequisites, like basic understanding of insurance concepts and software development. While not always a strict requirement, having a basic understanding of insurance concepts and terminology can be very helpful when learning about Guidewire Integration. Familiarity with insurance processes, policies, and procedures will provide context for the integration concepts you'll encounter. You should have a foundational knowledge of software development concepts and programming languages like Java. Guidewire uses Java extensively, so having Java programming skills is often beneficial.


There isn't any pre-requisites for Guidewire Integration Fundamentals course. Guidewire integration often involves the use of web services (e.g., SOAP or RESTful APIs) to connect with other systems. A basic understanding of how web services work and how to interact with them programmatically is useful. Strong technical skills, including problem-solving abilities and attention to detail, are crucial for Guidewire integration work. You'll need to work with complex systems and data, so a technical mindset is important.

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Course Content

Live Course

Self Paced

  • 1.01 - Introduction to Integration
  • 1.02 - GOSU for Integration
  • 2.01 - GOSU Queries
  • 2.02 - Bundles and Database Transactions
  • 2.03 - GOSU Template
  • 2.04 - XML Modeler and Strongly Type XML
  • 2.05 - Integration Views
  • 3.01 - RESTful Web Services
  • 3.02 - SOAP Web Services
  • 3.03 - Plugins
  • 4.01 - Messaging Architecture
  • 4.02 - Triggering Messages
  • 4.03 - Creating Messages
  • 4.04 - Message Payload Transformation
  • 4.05 - Sending Messages
  • 4.06 - Acknowledging Messages
  • 5.01 - Authentication
  • 5.02 - Batch Processes
  • 5.03 - Document Management
  • 5.04 - Integration in Guidewire Cloud

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Guidewire Integration Fundamentals Exam & Certification

Guidewire Certification is offered by Guidewire Education, the same can be accessed from 
Since Guidewire is not open source, so the Certifications are not for Individuals. Guidewire Certifications are only for Working Professional and these need to be sponsored by your employers.Being Certified is not required to attempt for Guidewire open positions, you can learn the course and practice. Once you are comfortable can attempt for Job opportunity with companies hiring on Guidewire Skillset. After selection, can ask your employer to sponsor your Certifications. Or they'll sponsor you as they need their Guidewire resources to be Certified.

No, Guidewire Certification is needed by the Implementation partners to bid for new Guidewire Projects. For this Organisations need to show number of Guidewire Certified people on their payroll. That's what creates the hype for Guidewire Certifications. 

Guidewire Certification is Authorized from Guidewire Education, and it's only for Guidewire Partners. Only Organizations who are partnered firm with Guidewire can share Certification Vouchers to to their employees. After completing training with us you will be able to attempt Certification and can clear in first attempt. This Crtificate is required to showcase how many Certified professinals a company has to bid for work with Guidewire. So this not a mandate to apply for jobs and our training will ensure your chances to be selected in companies working on Guidewire and later post your joining you can attempt this Certification.

You'll need Vouchers from Guidewire Education and login credentials to

Yes, Our Guidewire courses are designed as per latest course curriculum from Guidewire Education and is per de-facto standard. We cover all the course contentwhich is required to attmept all Guidewire functional and Technical Certifications. Our trainer covers all topics and prepare you for Certification and even share some real time preparation questions.

Yes, You can attempt Certifications as many time as you want. Few Open Book Certifications comes with unlimited attempts BUT for some Proctored Certification there will be single attmept and for second attempt it will ask you to purchase these Certifications again with a cost of 350$ or 370$.


Guidewire Integration Fundamentals Course FAQs

Guidewire Integration training is a specialized program designed to teach individuals how to integrate and customize Guidewire software solutions within the insurance industry. It covers various aspects of integration, including connecting Guidewire applications with external systems, data mapping, business process orchestration, and more.

Guidewire Integration training is typically aimed at IT professionals, software developers, business analysts, and consultants who work in or plan to work in the insurance industry. It's suitable for those who want to gain expertise in integrating and customizing Guidewire's software products.

The specific topics covered in Guidewire Integration training can vary depending on the course and the training provider. However, common topics include Guidewire architecture, integration patterns, web services, data mapping, business rules, and best practices for integration.

Yes, Guidewire Integration training often comes in different levels, such as Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced. The levels can vary depending on the training provider, and individuals can choose the level that matches their experience and expertise.

While prior experience with Guidewire software can be beneficial, it's not always a strict requirement, especially for Fundamentals-level training. Some courses are designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience.

Yes, Guidewire offers certification programs for individuals who have completed their training courses. These certifications can validate your expertise and are often recognized by employers in the insurance industry.

The duration of Guidewire Integration training can vary. Fundamentals courses are often shorter and may last a few days to a week, while more advanced courses can extend for several weeks or months, depending on the depth and breadth of the content. We offer all basics in 2 weeks around 10-12 hrs of total training duration.

Many training providers offer Guidewire Integration training online, especially in response to the increased demand for remote learning. Online training can be a convenient option for individuals who prefer to learn from their own location.

The cost of Guidewire Integration training can vary widely based on the level of training, the training provider, and the region. Some organizations may provide training as part of their employee development programs, while others may require participants to cover the costs.

After completing Guidewire Integration training, you can pursue various career opportunities in the insurance industry, including roles such as Guidewire developer, integration specialist, business analyst, technical consultant, and more. These roles often involve working with insurance companies to implement and customize Guidewire solutions.

Some training providers and organizations offer ongoing support, forums, and resources to help you continue your learning and stay updated on Guidewire integration best practices and updates.

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